Deconstructing a Dream,

I dream on a regular basis. When I say I dream I actually mean I wake up and almost 90% of the time I actually remember that dream. (I heard that’s not good, means you’re waking up at the wrong sleep pattern or something). These dreams are usually unusual ones.

It’s 1.43 am and I have no idea why I’m still up trying to make sense of one I just had last night. It went something like this…

I’m due to take a test. A history test. I have no idea why it’s history, but I think it might have something to do with the fact that history was one of my favourite subjects in school. For some odd reason, the test was supposed to occur in my car. I was seated at the back seat with the test paper in my hands. And the front doors open and two invigilators sit at the driver and front passenger seat. They’re supposed to watch over me as I do the test. But suddenly one of the invigilators tells me that my car is out of fuel and we need to top it up. So she drives out to the nearest petrol station and we end up running late. The test had already started and I was getting worried that I wouldn’t have time to complete it once we get back to the “examination area” (which was really a carpark where everyone was taking the test). But the invigilators assured me that they will give me extra time to complete the test. Long story cut short, we drove back to the carpark and I was about to start on the test when…my 6.54 am alarm rang and I woke up.

At first I thought nothing of the dream. Just some random nonsense my brain was probably conjuring up, maybe out of exhaustion. But I kept thinking about it the whole day and maybe my brain was trying to tell me something…

Lately I’ve been feeling down and unmotivated. And worried about my future and what holds for me. Maybe this dream was a reflection of my thoughts.

The “history test” symbolise something I really love and enjoy doing, but now need to prove my aptitude. I think it means my writing. The fact that my car was out of fuel could mean that maybe I’m running out of steam to press on. I didn’t even realise until the “invigilators” pointed it out to me. Maybe they symbolise the people in my life who are looking out for me? And the fact that I was so worried about the time I had…

These days I’ve been feeling like I need a break to recollect myself and restart all over again. Like I really need fuel to carry on. But I’ve been unwilling to let myself unwind because I keep thinking that I just need to go, go, go. If I stop, there’s no way I can move forward.

But the invigilators in my dream were really assuring me that I’d have more time to complete the test. Maybe they were trying to tell me that I really just need to stop, get the fuel I need, then carry on. There’s still time.

Food for thought.

So yeah…those are just my thoughts. Just babbling on and getting them out of my head by typing them down..

What I really need to do is head to bed. Maybe I’ll have another unusual dream tonight. Maybe I’ll sleep soundly.

Hopefully it’s the latter.






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