Into a New Year,


Hello February.

It’s the second month of the year. Not the first. But the second. February is always a welcomed month. For those who didn’t get a good start to the year in January, February represents the ability to try again.

I have been meaning to reflect on the past year that I had but never really got down to it. So here goes. The biggest occurrence that marked my 2016 was this – I didn’t get my dream job. I came close to it, but I didn’t get it. I spent the rest of the months in the year feeling stagnant, as though I wasn’t going anywhere. I watched people around me moving forward in their careers and I just felt stuck.

Ever since then, I have been feeling a little confused. Lots of people think that only fresh graduates feel a little lost, but the truth is, even after two almost three years, I still wonder if I’m on the right track. Do we ever stop feeling lost?

I’m not sure if my dream job is even my dream job anymore. I’m not sure if staying in this path is the right thing to do, or if a brighter future lies somewhere else. I’m not sure if I’m even as good at what I do as I think I am.

Every year, I feel like I need to accomplish something great. Nothing great happened to me in 2016. But I did have some small moments that I should celebrate:

  1. I was given the opportunity to dabble in freelance writing. Of course, this isn’t where the money pot lies as of yet. But it has given me a little bit of pocket money t to shop a bit without as much guilt. It also means I can expand my portfolio.
  2. I finally got the good news I was waiting for at work. Not going to go into details on this, but typing it down so that I can look back and be thankful for it.
  3. And then there was that Thought Catalog article. The reflection article I wrote on my 2015 that I actually posted on this space was published on Thought Catalog. I resubmitted it to the platform not expecting anything, but a writer who took a look at it felt it was worthy to be on the platform. For that, I am extremely grateful. You can read it here. Of course, it has been made heaps better by the writer’s edits. I hope it has resonated in people. Let me know if it did with you!

So maybe my year wasn’t as bad as I thought it was in my head. Even though a months has passed, it’s not too late to make a wish is it?

This 2017, I hope to be hungry for more. To stop doubting myself. To push myself beyond being just okay to being great. But even as I reach higher, I hope to remember to stop every once in awhile to smell the roses. I believe that it’s good to be ambitious and determined, but we shouldn’t be too focused on achieving the great that we forget the little things that make life worthwhile.

That’s what 2016 taught me. And I hope that in 2017, I take that lesson with me.






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