Turning 24,


Turned 24 two weekends ago! I intended to type down a lil bit of my thoughts on turning a year older but I’ve been swamped both work-wise and personal life wise. But succumbing to a flu, cough and sore throat has got me home early from work today so I have a little bit of time of my hands.

My year as a 23-year-old wasn’t exactly as monumental or life-changing. In fact it was rather stagnant. In terms of work, I don’t think I’ve made much progress, but rather, I’m still in the process of learning. Outside of work, nothing much has happened. I guess you could say it was a static year.

I think I lead a simpler life now. My after work activities consist of just dinner with friends. Weekends are for winding down from the week or catching the latest movies. A stark contrast to the partying I did from 19-22 haha! But it’s a good change. A change for the better.

My social circle has drastically reduced. When you get older, it’s so much easier to sieve out the real friends from the fake ones. And one thing you realise…you’re perfectly contented with just a handful of good friends. It’s more important to invest in these real relationships rather than putting in so much effort in people that will just stop checking up on you one day. I’ve got real gems I can count on. Not forgetting, the unfailing love of my family.





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Birthday celebrations were kept simple as well – just the way I wanted it to be. Kicked off the weekend with a dinner and a movie with my friends. My birthday eve was spent with the greatest boyfriend, who meticulously planned everything out (and even spoilt me with six gifts!) My birthday itself fell on Mother Day’s so it was a joint celebratory dinner for my family. Very fitting indeed since I wouldn’t be here without my mum. Funnily enough, I ordered a cake and flowers set for her, not knowing she was going to surprise me with a cake as well (and a Chanel one!). The gift for my mum brought tears to her eyes as it was unexpected. That was my favourite memory of the day.

So my birthday came and went and I can’t help but notice how quiet and fuss-free this one was. I used to go all out for my birthday celebrations but this simple one, spent with the ones I treasure the most, was so perfect. Is this a sign of getting old?

Next year onwards I’ll officially be in my mid twenties, probably caught in a quarter life crisis. But for now, I shall enjoy being a 24-year-old and worry about that later. Sure, I didn’t make any giant leaps as a 23-year-old but one thing’s for sure – I am happy (well, with the exception of pre-menstrual syndrome periods), healthy and loved. All I wish for in this year is that that doesn’t change. After all, that’s all that matters.




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