The Magic of Bon Iver,


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Caught Bon Iver live with X on Friday. It was such a beautiful night, you have no idea. My favourite album is probably For Emma, Forever Ago (cathartic break-up album haha) but since it’s the earlier album, I was afraid it wouldn’t be played as much. But my fears were unfounded! I especially enjoyed Flume and Blindsided, but that’s just me being biased cos they’re my favourites from the album. And then there was the breathtaking performance of Skinny Love. Throughout the concert, an entire band was present including The Staves who served as backup singers (and were extremely magical I must say, such angelic voices), but for Skinny Love, it was just Justin Vernon, his guitar and his incredible voice. He actually has a good sense of humour too, which was perfect because it was a break from all them feeeeeelssss of the music.

Safe to say I have #noragrats paying 70 bucks for a ticket.


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