Artsy Fartsy,

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I have a confession to make: I have never been particularly interested in art. I’ve never been good at it either. When all my classmates were getting their school assignment artworks displayed around school, none of that happened to my work. In fact, there was one time I got my sister to do my artwork for me. It was a beautiful drawing – something I wouldn’t have been able to create on my own. I brought the artwork to school but to my horror, my teacher said: “Okay now draw the exact same thing on this paper instead.”

Anyway, I digress.

I think most of us associate art with the upper class. That’s a fair assumption I guess. After all, prices of art pieces tend to be rather high. I work on a magazine targeted at richer people in society. So from time to time, I would attend art fairs to see if there’s anything interesting to cover. Usually I just take a quick look around, wouldn’t really stand at an art piece and scrutinize it.

This changed when I was working on an article for Chinese Contemporary Art. I approached an established art gallery in Singapore to see if they were willing to do an interview with me. The gallery manager – let’s call her S – answered my call and everything was set!

There are two kinds of interviews a writer will experience. The good kind and the bad kind. The good kind consists of truckloads of information, and juicy quotes, that you could use for your article. The bad kind is usually just mehhh answers. My interview with S was the good kind. In fact, I would even go as far to say that it was possibly the best interview I’ve ever conducted.

She gave me so much information, it was as though she was the Google of Chinese Contemporary Art! But what I really enjoyed about the interview was the art pieces she picked out to show me. She told me what she loved about them, the meanings behind them and what made them so special. I have to admit, I was intrigued.

The past couple of weeks have been rather artsy for me. The National Gallery recently opened so I decided to head down. On top of that, last week was Singapore Art Week and S was very kind to give me VIP tickets to Art Stage.

In particular, I really like pieces that capture a sense of time. I’ve always loved history. I studied H2 History in JC and honestly I would have majored in History in uni if I didn’t pick Communications in the end. I find it very fascinating to see how the world was like in the past – all through the eyes of the artist. Some do it so beautifully that it actually makes you stop to take a longer glance.

Then there are those pieces that evoke some kind of emotion in you. There are also those that are done so creatively and ingenuously that it really makes you wonder why you weren’t born with the same talent and skill hahaha.


Spiel by Antonio Santin. One of my favourite works from Art Stage. It’s a textural oil painting that is made to look 3D. Appears to have a body popping out under the carpet but it’s really just a painting!

Anyway, I think I have a newfound interest in art. The sad part is I probably wouldn’t be able to afford an art piece for my future home, but I guess it’s always nice to admire them once in awhile.

I’ll end this post with a quote from S:

 “Art holds a significant value that money cannot buy. You can buy a lot of things, but you can never turn back time. Eras will pass, but with an art piece, you will still hold a piece of history in your hands.”


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