The woes of growing older,

11921852_10153659727110854_6407176706528553774_oI’ve been meaning to update this space, sometime last week actually, but I just got caught up in the daily grind and couldn’t find the time! I had in mind a post talking about how things have developed for me and how contented and lucky I feel. But over the course of the weeks that I have procrastinated, I think the initial happiness died down so I don’t really feel that inspired anymore hahaha.

But just a quick update on things…I kind of feel like an adult recently. Haha before anyone laughs at me, I actually mean it. Recently I got my first increment (the reason behind my initial happiness actually) which cemented the fact that wow I really am a working adult with a CAREER and not just some random job to make money. I actually have career and financial goals to meet, and the thought, as much as it is exciting, is kind of intimidating.

It was also my first time voting in the elections and okay I have a confession to make here…I have never been interested in politics. Sure, I read some stuff about the elections back in 2011 and kind of knew who/where I aligned to but it didn’t really matter cos I couldn’t vote.  And honestly I didn’t even know many ministers names or the shit that they do. Until the 2015 elections. It’s like woah suddenly I was soooo interested, attending rallies…reading stuff online…So much so that the whole elections drained me intellectually!!!! Hahaha I don’t know if anyone else feels that way. But it could perhaps be due to the novelty of voting. Maybe if you ask me again in ten years, I might not care anymore. The upside to this is I know most of the ministers’ names now!

At the same time that all this is happening, sometimes I feel like I’m in denial about the phase of life I’m really at. Especially when my close circle are mostly still studying with a lot of time on their hands to do things like 1) Stay up late, 2) Sleep in on weekdays, 3) Have super crazy nights, and 4) Actually still have the energy to wake up early the next day and head to that afternoon/evening class.

When I first started working I told myself I wouldn’t be those lame working adults who do nothing but head home after work. I would still have a blossoming social life!!!! Late nights? NO KICK!!! But now I realise the old lifestyle is simply not feasible. At the end of the work day, all my energy is used up and mostly I long to retire back to my own home and just spend some quiet downtime on my own. And on weekends, I long to sleep in to fuel up on my energy for the looming week. So nope, I do not have a wonderful social life, nor do I have many late nights. And the effect of this is a dramatic cut to my social circle. I do see a select few on a regular basis, but this usually consists of simple dinners.

Of course there are times where I wished I was still in that old phase, where I could just be young and carefree and didn’t have to worry about paying bills or saving money (house/car/healthcare..WHY IS EVERYTHING SO DAMN EXPENSIVE?!). I’m kind of envious actually. But given the choice, I guess I wouldn’t give up my job and my life now just to go back to that. We all have to reach this phase one day anyway right?  My path was just accelerated hahaha. I could have slowed down and maybe taken a year or two off, but I have too much drive in me to just remain idle for a long period of time.

I guess I’ll find the right balance soon enough, a balance that would work for me. And  I’ll get use to this pretty soon too.

In the meantime, I’ll religiously dab on my Snail White cream because it’s known to keep your skin looking youthful and prevents wrinkles and such hahaha.

Of course, this whole post could also be me being a drama queen cos after all I’m only 23…I’M STILL YOUNG AND YOUTHFUL!!!! Right…?


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