Ballin’ in Bangkok (or not),








Just got back from Bangkok sometime last week. This was actually my third holiday of the year! I almost thought I wouldn’t make it for the trip because I was down with a bout of food poisoning (say no to sashimi!) just two days before my flight but thankfully I recovered just in time. It was mostly a shopping trip, so you can imagine the amount of clothes Ann and I brought back (think huge, large, red, aunty style bag loaded with clothes/shoes/other accessories). But #NORAGRETS. Got my Thai food and Thai iced tea fix too, though I was pretty cautious when it came to street food because I had just recovered. What a Debbie Downer but thankfully I didn’t suffer a relapse or anything.

The second day of our trip was also the day of the Bangkok blast. Of course, we were pretty shaken especially since we were in the vicinity a little bit before the bomb blew off, and were at Siam Paragon when it happened. That’s really quite close by! But I think I only realized the severity of the situation when I got back. When I was there I still wanted to travel around and not waste our days being afraid and not venturing anywhere. But after reading news reports about the deaths it really got me thinking. These people were just like us. I can imagine them being as excited about the trip as I was, hopping on the plane, exploring Bangkok without anticipating anything bad to happen to them. And then suddenly, their lives were taken away because of the actions of people who do not value lives and have absolutely no heart.

Thankfully, we made it back from our trip safely without anything major going wrong. Makes me feel as though sometimes I take things for granted when I’ve been so lucky. Someone was definitely watching over us.

Oh wow, what a morbid turn this post has taken hahaha. Suddenly the title doesn’t seem so apt anymore.

Anyway, maybe I should go on a fourth trip to round off the year? (bank account starts crying) We’ll see!




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