Courage and Love,

“A lot of the time, love doesn’t flourish because the focus is on “who will accept me” as opposed to “who will I open my heart to?”

Most of dating is a game of validation-seeking, hormone-fueling, ego-steroiding, attachment-fulfilling madness. (No wonder things tend to go south so often, and so fast). The romantic industrial complex has us convinced that the high of a partner will save us from our devastating lows, but of course, that isn’t true. (That’s when things really start to hit the fan: before you realize that the love of your life won’t save you, and after you start thinking there’s something wrong with them because they haven’t yet).

There is only one thing you must do to change your life or to find the love you seek: you must open your heart. If that seems impossible, you must identify what stands in the way and remove it. Have the courage to choose vulnerability, it’s the only thing that’s worth it in the end.”

Source: Thought Catalog


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