Campeones Nacional,

I was clearing out the files on my MacBook cos I’m going to get a new one tomorrow so I needed to just transfer the files I need. Needless to say, I found loads of stuff in there, some good memories and some well, not so good. Hahaha.

What I did found was this gem – a little something I wrote about the football atmosphere in Colombia. I thought I lost all the writing I did there! Looks like this is the only one I have. So to prevent losing it again, I thought I would immortalise the memory here.







“The whole of Medellin rejoiced last night, as the local soccer team emerged as champions in the match against Santa Fe Interdependiente, making them the victors of the Colombian championship. Joy was in the air, with people screaming “Nacional! Nacional!”, cars honking on the road, and basically everyone in sight donning the green team jersey.

Parque Illeras was not spared from the celebration, the crowd was massive – and absolutely crazy! Within a few minutes of entering the area, I found myself caked with flour and foam. I have to say, the excitement and pride in the air was contagious. Although I am not that much of a soccer fan, I found myself rejoicing alongside the ecstatic locals. Within an hour, I became a culprit of flour throwing and my feet seemed to have a life of its own as I began dancing, giddy with pride, with everyone else.

I was absolutely amazed by the locals’ spirit. It was an amazing sight to witness almost every paisa (native) join in the celebration. Despite heading home with my hair and clothing covered in flour, I could not help but grin. We are champions! Congratulations Medellin!”

(Forgive me if the writing isn’t of standard, this was done (I think exactly) two years ago!)


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