Sunrise at Mt. Batur,


“Climb the mountain not to plant your flag, but to embrace the challenge, enjoy the air and behold the view. Climb it so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.”

Okay, granted, Mt. Batur isn’t that high and it doesn’t take that long to scale to the top. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t count myself as a nature kinda girl. The only other time I’ve gone trekking/hiking was 2 years ago back in Colombia. And that was probably less than an hour because we had to leave our horses behind to get to the waterfall. Add that to the fact that I hardly ever exercise, save for a few yoga lessons here and there. You can say my definition of an exercise is probably one sit up to get out of bed every morning hahaha. Also, I am INCREDIBLY paranoid about getting a horrible stomachache in the middle of the volcano and having to do it in the bushes…Not ideal.

I honestly don’t know why I agreed to do the hike. Maybe because I want to experience new things and a new adventure. And so I embraced the challenge. Slept for approximately 2 hours, left our villa at 2am and got to Kintamani at 4am. When we first got there I was completely taken aback. Initially, I thought to myself, oh well, it’s only a 2 hour climb, how hard could it be? But everyone else there was dressed in proper hiking gear, complete with hiking sticks (some with even torchlights on their heads). I didn’t even have a flashlight, and my shoes were my PE shoes from my JC days (and yes, they broke through the hike). I was warned about the cold, but I didn’t expect it to be that cold so the only jacket I brought was a rather thin one that did nothing. I ended up having to rent a thicker jacket.

But I am not one to back down!

So onwards we went. At first it was all good, simple walking path in the dark with the torchlights we were given. And then the path got steeper and I could suddenly hear my heart beating out of my chest. I admit, I was tired! But our guide said: “This is not even the worst part. There are steeper and smaller paths ahead, and it’s all just rocks.” Oh god. I was in for something serious.

And so we got to the dreaded challenging paths. The soles of my shoes were horrid and I kept slipping and so our guide held on to my hand sometimes. It was an extra help too because he pulled me up at some points hahaha. I didn’t want to complain though. There was no way I wouldn’t make it to the top! I guess I’m the type of person who knows I’ll regret it if I have gave up.

After much effort and panting (on my part haha), we reached the sunrise point! But apparently, this isn’t the highest point. To get to the highest point, you would need to trek for another 35 mins. On a path that is more challenging than the ones before! This path was even steeper, rockier, and worse still, sandier, meaning it was incredibly slippery. It took us some thinking before deciding we were going to go for it. After all, we came all the way here. Might as well make it to the top.

And make it to the top we did! Round of applause hahaha. Waited for the sunrise, and wow, it was such a beauty. Nothing like I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s hard to put to words, so I shall just leave some visuals.






And so, it was another 2 hour hike down. Less tiring, but more dangerous because of how slippery it was. Slipped a couple of times and was convinced I was going to eventually sprain my ankle, but thank God I completed it accident free.



And that completes my experience at Mt. Batur in Bali! Would I do it again? Yes! Am I ready for new challenges? Perhaps!

Here’s to more adventures with you, hopefully.





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