Colombia (Part 2)

Back again to continue my post! Also because I’m rather bored.

Alrighty let’s begin!

Well so Nisa returned from her weekend trip and we were reunited! And I finally had someone to bring me around since she’s already quite accustomed to life in Colombia. On my first time heading out after work, we headed to Parque Lleras, which is like the equivalent to Singapore’s Clarke Quay. Bustling nightlife, good food, etc. Subsequently we would find ourselves here quite a fair bit.

I don’t have a picture of the whole place, but here’s some I found online!

parque-lleras-by-night2673925_origOf course, nowhere near as sophisticated as Clarke Quay, but still pretty fun.

We met up with Nisa’s Colombian friend, Andres, and a few other interns/locals. Had dinner at a restaurant the name of which I obviously don’t remember, and proceeded to a bar the name of which I don’t remember either!


The bar was having some sort of language exchange, which is an event they hold from time to time for exchange students and locals to mingle. Exchange students would be able to practice their Spanish, and locals their English. Pretty interesting concept! We spent the night attempting to do Salsa. I say attempting because we obviously never tried Salsa before! For the locals, it seem to just come naturally. And a lot of the girls are very naturally sexy, and open as well. They would have no qualms about dancing with a stranger, or being intimate. I witnessed a lotttt of grinding during my time there hahaha. Sometimes I felt like a prudish Asian girl! Everytime someone came close to me, it was like “Nooo! Dont’ touch me!” I would rather just dance on my own hahaha. The guys are also very expressive with their comments. There’s no hesitation for them to go up and talk to a girl, or compliment her. I’ve heard “Bonita” quite a bit, but I think it’s just cos I look different haha.


Luna, Nisa and I. Luna is local!

The nightlife scene is completely different. It’s less rowdy (in my experience), and of course, the music is completely different. Don’t expect things like house or trance music. Reggae is common hahaha. My favourite song my time there: Voy A Beber by Nicky Jam.

Colombia also has its own national drink, Aguardiente. Since it’s pretty cheap, this is what most of the locals drink. I heard it tastes really bad though, but I wouldn’t know since I didn’t try it!


What it looks like! If I’m not wrong, it translates to “Fiery Water”, so you can imagine what it tastes like. I’ve heard stories of terrible hangovers as well hahaha.

Anyway, on a separate night, the interns had dinner together at a restaurant/bar located atop of hill. I’ve been racking my brain for the name of this place but I can’t seem to remember! But anyway, we have these events once in awhile for everyone to get together. We had a Facebook group so that everyone can see what everyone else is up to, so you don’t get so lonely during your time there. If you intend to do something after work/during the weekend, you could just post in the group to find some company.

Back to the restaurant, they had some sort of skate park there as well. But the one thing that made this place memorable was the view. It was nighttime, pretty chilly, and as we had our dinner, we had a spectacular view of Medellin.


My camera obviously does not do the view justice. It was nighttime so we could only see the city lighted up, but I would imagine it would be as beautiful in the day as well. I remember feeling very lucky to witness something like this right before my eyes. Far far away from home, seeing such beauty.


Some of the other interns! I guess what made this whole experience amazing is also the fact that you get to meet people from all walks of life, from all over the world. Everyone has their own story, their own nationality/background. And everyone is interning at different industries/companies during their time there, meaning each person’s experience is unique. Fact: most are shocked when Nisa and I said that we were from Singapore. I guess that stems from the fact that we’re not Chinese. And I guess many presume Singapore is near China, and that everyone is Chinese. So I guess it was good to share a little bit about how our country is actually multi-cultural. Spreading some awareness on Singapore and breaking some stereotypes!

It’s also when you embark on such trips that you realise how big and vast the world is. And how there’s so much to explore!

Alright, I’ll be back soon to speak about what we do on weekends!

‘Till next time!


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