Wow once again I outdid myself by not blogging for another few months. Hahaha. Honestly I don’t know what is up with me and this laziness to chronicle my life. It’s usually only after I read other blogs that I think to myself how lovely it is to actually jot down little details of my life.

So anyway, what has changed since my last time here?

A lot. I’m currently a month away from my 23rd birthday. I’m still in the same job, and I will hit one year of employment at the end of June (approx. 2 months away, time flies!) In terms of personal life, well I’ve lost some people who were dear to me….

I was kind of knocked off my feet for a bit and felt a tad bit lost. So I took a trip to Dubai and now I feel like I’m back on track. Things are falling into place again.

I intend to do a wrap up of my 22nd year because a lottttt has happened this year, but I shall leave that to the day I turn 23.

In the meantime, this post has been a little bit useless but I’m blaming it on the fact that I am actually a little high from my second cup of coffee for the day.

Okay till next time! (Hopefully not in a few months time! Hahaha)


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