Of being…back,

Well. It certainly has been a long time since I’ve visited (not just posted) on this space. And reading my profile description which was probably done about a year ago…..so much has changed.

Recently, I thought to go back to blogging. To be honest, I’ve actually missed having a space to record my feelings, musings, rants and what-have-yous. Frankly, I don’t know why I stopped. Utter laziness probably.

But now that I’ve entered a new stage of life, I kinda want to have a space to track my own growth (mentally, of course). Perhaps, typing in this space would actually help me to practice my writing, which would be heaps helpful for my new job (which I will come to very soon).

Well….in a sum. So much has changed since my last few posts. But to wrap it all up: I’ve graduated from university, entered (hahaha I can’t find the right word for this) a stable relationship, and embarked in a new phase of life – working life.  These changes were scary, but they’ve been incredibly fulfilling.

When I read my old posts (though they weren’t much, mostly reblogs), I seem as though I teetered on the edge of depression. Haha okay I’m exaggerating here. But it’s plain obvious to see that I wasn’t very contented with my life then.

So comes the question: Am I contented now? Well at times I believe that it is in actual fact rather difficult for humans to be content with what they have. It’s simply in our nature – we’ll always want more. But in terms of the most important aspects of my life right now, I am definitely satisfied. I feel like I’ve grown so much, achieved some amazing things…..but my inherent human nature to not be contented easily leads me to one thing — greed.

And I guess I still want to achieve more.


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